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New Publications 2016

Újdonságok zeneiskolásoknak 2015/2016


Music Catalogue 2015

This catalogue contains a selection from the 1000-strong choral repertoire of Editio Musica Budapest of over 250 pieces by 52 composers - the cream of Hungarian choral music. Any such assessment is subjective, of course. The choice was made on grounds of quality and popularity, and position held by the choral work of each composer. So the catalogue covers choral compositions of legendary composers of the last century (Liszt, Bartók, Kodály, Bárdos) and the most successful pieces by contemporaries, including the youngest generation of composers.

We wish all choir leaders and choral singers a pleasant experience with all these fine choral works, and trust that they will fully enjoy singing them.

This catalogue contains the publications of EMB up to March 2015. The works are arranged by scoring, and within that by alphabetical order of composers. However the methods and studies for each instrument are catalogued separately before the alphabetical listing begins. Volumes involving several composers appear after the alphabetical listing under the heading Collections. The series titles are placed at the end of the catalogue where there is also an index for enhanced guidance.

New Publications 2015

Music for Beginners

Embrace music - in other words, make music part of your life. That is the motto we have adopted this year. We at EMB know that making music brings joy. That joy is multiplied and shared by playing to others. What's more, making music develops individual abilities and values, such as concentration, openness, sensitivity, collaboration, and concern for others.

Our aim is to allow as many children, young people, and adults as possible to experience the joy and value of music. This prompted us to renew our series for young musicians entitled Music for Beginners which has been popular for decades, and to launch a new series this year: Bartók Transcriptions for Music Students. The purpose of the album Let's Take the Stage! is to encourage and assist beginner violinists to perform for the first time before an audience. Additionally, the new volume of the Ad libitum Family Edition offers a wide variety of material for playing music at home with the family. In line with EMB tradition, two excellent pieces have been added in the last year to the Concert Band Series (Concertino by Árpád Balázs and Ungaresca by István Győrffy) and one to the repertoire for junior string orchestras (Chaconne by Miklós Kocsár). Another cause close to our hearts is choral singing; we have published another twenty new Hungarian choral works over the last year.

Music for Beginners was launched in the summer of 1969. The aim was to compile a varied and high-standard repertoire covering music from the earliest centuries to contemporary compositions for music school students to be played in the first 3-4 years of instrument learning. The series has proved extremely successful as is indicated by the fact that 55 volumes have been published. The popularity of Music for Beginners has not diminished in recent years, and there is demand for the majority of volumes in Hungary and abroad. The secret of the series' success lies primarily in the selection of compositions. The contents of all volumes have been compiled by accomplished music teachers choosing high-standard works that can easily be played by the given instrument. Outstanding Hungarian composers have also been asked to write new pieces.

The volumes in the Music for Beginners series currently include all the instruments taught in music schools. Moreover, they have been published for various chamber music settings as well. The value of the series is increased by the unique, attractive illustrations of János Kass. They not only appear on the volume covers but are sometimes also featured in the scores.

The renewal of Music for Beginners started on the occasion of the series' 45th birthday. Yet only the appearance is changing, not the contents. The volumes are receiving new covers preserving János Kass drawings. Within the series three groups have been formed that are differentiated by the color of the covers: volumes for solo instruments (with or without piano accompaniment) are red, those for duos of the same instruments are green, and blue signifies chamber music for different instruments. Certain volume titles have also been changed so that they reflect the multiple scoring options of the pieces included. On the following pages all scoring options are indicated at each volume.

Liszt Separate Editions

Liszt Separate Editions

In 2014 we started renewing the separate editions of solo piano works published in the New Liszt Complete Critical Edition. The four volumes that renewed thus provide not only authentic texts of the works based on scholarly research, but also earlier versions, manuscript facsimiles, and critical notes. Each volume contains prefaces in English and German which provide relevant information on the genesis and performance practice of the given work.
In 2014 we started renewing the separate editions of solo piano works published in the New Liszt Complete Critical Edition. The four volumes that renewed thus provide not only authentic texts of the works based on scholarly research, but also earlier versions, manuscript facsimiles, and critical notes. Each volume contains prefaces in English and German which provide relevant information on the genesis and performance practice of the given work.

New Publications 2014

Ad libitum

Discover the new publications of Editio Musica Budapest: piano pieces to practise polyphony, a new volume of the New Liszt Edition, several chamber music works, even for optional combination of instruments, band music, contemporary music and choral works.
The volumes in this new series contain duos, trios and quartets, their degree of difficulty ranging from easy through intermediate to advanced. Every piece is a transcription or an arrangement, since in editing the volumes our primary concern was to provide a collection of valuable and interesting compositions, as freely variable as possible as regards instrumentation, for music school students and also for adults who make music for their own pleasure. The range and pitch of the parts enable the works to be performed on any required or possible combination of the given instruments.

Band Music Catalogue 2014

Kamarazenei kottakatalógus zeneiskolásoknak

Many types of band music exist: original pieces, classical and pop music transcriptions, marches and works composed for youth, amateur and professional bands. When we introduced our Concert Band Series in 2010, continuing in the tradition begun with our earlier publications for concert bands, we aimed to develop an exacting and truly unique catalogue for concert bands. During the four years since then we have published no fewer than twenty works for concert band by prominent Hungarian composers. The majority of these works are original compositions which, building on Hungarian and central European traditions, are modern yet eminently listenable. They range from relatively short and simple pieces that can be easily played by youth or amateur bands to works of medium difficulty through to longer and more challenging compositions. Thus any concert band can readily find compositions to suit their own needs and requirements. All of the works are of a very high standard and have all been well tested. They have proved to be very successful for many Hungarian concert bands receiving well deserved applause from their audiences. Recordings of all the works are available and can be immediately listened to on our website by referring to the QR codes that are included in this catalogue.
Chamber Music Highlights catalogue in Hungarian. (English version is Z.80155)

Chamber Music Highlights Catalogue

Egyházzenei kottakatalógus 2012-2013

This catalogue lists EMB's main chamber music series, to make it easier for musicians and teachers to choose suitable scores. There is a rich variety of genres and formations of different instruments, providing countless possibilities for music pupils.

The series that are collected and presented here have proved their value over the years in terms of quality and also the number of copies sold. This experience gives us the courage to recommend these publications wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm not only to teachers and students but to amateur musicians as well.

New Publications 2013

Band Music Catalogue with CD

Our novelties featured in the catalogue is being exhibited at the Frankfurt Music Fair. This year we are paying special attention to chamber music publications, including the first volumes in the new Ad libitum series.
The catalogue gives you a detailed description of the new concert band publications, including instrumentation, composer biography and program notes. The CD contains the full recording of the pieces.

You can download the catalogue: 80150.pdf contains EMB item numbers, 80150US.pdf is for the USA with Hal Leonard references.

Musica da camera

Chamber Music Method for Strings

This brochure is for the series containing works composed or arranged for chamber ensembles of every kind (trios and quartets) for music schools.
The volumes of Chamber Music Method for Strings gradually introduce those learning string instruments to the art of playing in a chamber ensemble, while providing a cross-section of chamber music for strings covering more than four centuries. The works included in the four volumes have been selected by the outstanding cello teacher Árpád Pejtsik, who has huge experience as both a musician and an educator. He has supplied each volume with an informative guide, which not only helps young musicians to understand the general issues relating to a stylistically faithful way of performance, but also renders an analysis of the works from a practical aspect. In addition, with some useful advice it helps students to put into practice what has been learnt. Through these volumes Pejtsik would like to convince those who are learning or have learnt to play that chamber music is not a privilege of concert musicians, but that anyone can share the joy of playing together, which cannot be compared to anything else and which can be already enjoyed after 3-4 years of learning an instrument.

Leggiero Series


EMB's series for youth string orchestras, Leggiero, presents a selection of works by classical and contemporary composers, and easy arrangements of popular piano works. What facilitates its use for music school students is that a great many of the works can also be performed with a third violin part instead of the viola. The arrangements offering full musical value were made by the most outstanding Hungarian composers and music teachers. The volumes appear in the practical form of a folder, containing both the score and the individual parts.
Modelled on the popular Leggiero series, Leggierissimo was lauched by the publisher with the music schools' youngest string players in mind. In the very easy pieces for string orchestra in the new series, a third violin part replaces the viola. All the parts are in first position, so even after just a few years' instrumental study children can experience the pleasure of orchestral playing. The arrangements in the series have been made and selected by András Soós and László Zempléni, two outstanding musicians and teachers. The volumes appear in the practical form of a folder, containing both the score and the individual parts.

A barátságos zongoraiskola

A barátságos zongoraiskola

"În această şcoală pianistică nu veţi întâlni studii seci, ci e plină de mici capodopere şi plină de culori, ca o carte de poveşti! Studiul pianului trebuie să se bazeze de la bun început numai pe piese bine scrise şi frumoase. J. S. Bach nu şi-a chinuit copiii şi nenumăraţii săi elevi cu studii de tehnică serbede, ci a compus pentru ei o mulţime de capodopere cu diferite grade de dificultate. Şcolile pianistice din secolul al XVIII-lea nu doar au înşirat piesele ce urmau a fi studiate într-o ordine didactică, ci au ales opusuri prin care, încă de la primul său contact cu pianul, elevul să se poată simţi un interpret. Acesta este şi ţelul nostru. Piesele celor patru volume acoperă aproape toate epocile stilistice ale istoriei muzicii. În şcoala noastră pianistică veţi întâlni de la bun început o sumedenie de piese la trei şi la patru mâini, numai bune pentru a fi interpretate împreună cu profesorul sau chiar alături de alt elev. La sfârşitul fiecărui volum se găseşte câte o glosă pe care am intitulat-o Mică bibliotecă muzicală'. În aceasta, elevii vor găsi câte o scurtă biografie a compozitorilor mai importanţi din cadrul şcolii noastre pianistice, precum şi explicaţiile unor termeni muzicali." (Ágnes Lakos)
Ágnes Lakos writes the following about her four-volume piano tutor, enlivened with cheerful illustrations by Christina Diederich: “A friendly piano tutor, without dry finger exercises, full of little masterpieces and colourful as a picture book! Piano playing can only be learnt with attractive, good quality works from the very beginning. J. S. Bach composed masterful character pieces for his children and his many pupils; 18th-century piano tutors contained a selection of performance pieces, so that from their first encounter with the piano, learners could feel that they were performers. This is precisely what we are aiming at too.” The piano pieces in the four volumes represent every stylistic period of music history. The numerous works for three or four hands can be performed together with the teacher or with another pupil.

New Publications 2012

New Liszt Edition - Updated catalogue 2011

The catalogue of the New Liszt Complete Edition lists the entire and definitive content of Series I and II of the piano works, published between 1970 and 2005, together with that of the series of Supplements. Series I and II contain the final version of all the composer's solo piano works and also, in appendices, earlier versions that differ considerably from the final form of the works. Series I, consisting of 18 volumes, contains the original compositions, while the 24 volumes of Series II contain free arrangements and transcriptions of works by other composers.

Kottakatalógus 2012-2013

New Publications 2011

Music catalogue in Hungarian.

New Publications 2010

New Publications 2009

New Choral Works 2008

New Choral Works 2006

Catalogue to the Series Leggiero and Leggierissimo with DEMO CD

Centenary Edition - Ferenc FARKAS

Series Leggiero and Leggierissmo - growing repertoire for children's and youth string orchestras. This catalogue contains the detailed contents of all volumes of both series, and an audio CD with 43 selected pieces.
EMB celebrates the centenary of the composer's birth by publishing again some of his works in a new series.