Composer: Láng István (55 proizvodov)
Láng: 7 studi (12998) Percussion Láng: About 6 Minutes (13230) Bass-Clarinet Láng: Affetti (13438) Mixed Chamber Quartet Láng: Aria di coloratura (12860) Tuba Láng: Cassazione (6760) Brass Sextet Láng: Chagall Flies Away Over his Sleeping Vitebsk (13302) Chamber Music for Percussion Instruments Láng: Chamber Cantata (L-64) Chamber Music with Voice Láng: Concatenation (8530) Piano Láng: Concertino per silofono e orchestra (L-33) Concertos Láng: Concerto bucolico (L-23) Concerto (brass) Láng: Concerto per organo (L-86) Concertos Láng: Concerto per violino e orchestra (L-22) Concerto (violin) Láng: Constellations (7760) Mixed Chamber Quartet Láng: Double Concerto (L-4) Concertos Láng: Dramma breve per flauto solo in Sol (6404) Flute Láng: Duo (4532) Flutes Láng: Egloga (L-8) Orchestra Láng: Five Small Pieces (5492) Violin and Piano Láng: Flashes (7124) Violin Láng: Fragments (L-78) Chamber Music with Voice Láng: Hyperbola (L-12) Orchestra Láng: Improvisation (7538) Cimbalom Láng: Impulsioni (6187) Oboe and Piano Láng: Impulsioni (L-20) Chamber Orchestra Láng: In memoriam N. N. (L-48) Oratorios Láng: Intermezzi (6849) Piano Láng: Iocaste (8948) Chamber Music with Voice Láng: Iocaste (L-21) Chamber Music with Voice Láng: Laudate hominem (L-97) Oratorios Láng: Libero (12859) Trombone Láng: Linea melodica (13520) Oboe Láng: Monodia (5750) Clarinet Láng: Music 2-3-4 (8978) Chamber Orchestra Láng: Music 2-3-4 (L-16) Chamber Orchestra Láng: Musica funebre (L-27) Orchestra Láng: Percussion Music (8649) Percussion Láng: Pezzo lirico (L-66) Concerto (oboe) Láng: Prelude, 3 Mobils and Postlude (12286) Brass Quintet Láng: Sinfonia No. 4 (L-32) Orchestra Láng: Soliloquium (12744) Cimbalom Láng: Solo (7761) Flute Láng: Sonata (6178) Violoncello Láng: String Quartet No. 2 (5747) String Quartet Láng: String Quartet No. 2 (5748) String Quartet Láng: Symphony No. 2 (L-29) Orchestra Láng: Symphony No. 3 (L-19) Orchestra Láng: Three Orchestral Songs (LL-68) Oratorios Láng: Three Sentences from the Romeo and Juliet (L-25) String Orchestra Láng: Tűz (7510) Upper Voices Láng: Two Preludes for a Postlude (8650) Mixed Chamber Quartet Láng: Variazioni ed Allegro (L-95) Orchestra Láng: Violin Concerto (8910) Violin and Piano Láng: Wind Quintet No. 1 (4641) Wind Quintet Láng: Wind Quintet No. 2 (5451) Wind Quintet Láng: Wind Quintet No. 3 (7585) Wind Quintet