Two new titles for concert band

Two new titles by Árpád BALÁZS have been published in the Concert Band series. 

Árpád BALÁZS: Kuruc Scenes
for tárogató or soprano saxophone
and concert band
The composer uses melodies from the early 18th century, from the age of Rákóczi's war of independence. 

Árpád BALÁZS: Rhapsody
for cimbalom or marimba
and concert band
Rhapsody follows the one-movement structure created by Franz Liszt. The Rhapsody is a passionately emotional lyric orchestral poem rich in colours and characters, which has a place on the repertoire of every concert band playing quality music. 

Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest 

One full score as well as individual parts are provided for each work.


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