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Kottaújdonságok és zenei ajándéktárgyak 2019/20

Novelties and Highlights 2019

In this catalogue we present our new publications for the year 2019 alongside some highlights from our older publications. Of course, the latter originally started out as new publications and it’s…

Back-to-School catalogue 2018/19

New Publications 2018

Our Back-to-School 2018 catalogue available for download.

New Publications 2017

New Publications 2016

Újdonságok zeneiskolásoknak 2015/2016


This catalogue contains a selection from the 1000-strong choral repertoire of Editio Musica Budapest of over 250 pieces by 52 composers - the cream of Hungarian choral music. Any such assessment is…

Music Catalogue 2015

New Publications 2015

This catalogue contains the publications of EMB up to March 2015. The works are arranged by scoring, and within that by alphabetical order of composers. However the methods and studies for each…
Embrace music - in other words, make music part of your life. That is the motto we have adopted this year. We at EMB know that making music brings joy. That joy is multiplied and shared by playing to…

Music for Beginners

Liszt Separate Editions

Music for Beginners was launched in the summer of 1969. The aim was to compile a varied and high-standard repertoire covering music from the earliest centuries to contemporary compositions for music…
In 2014 we started renewing the separate editions of solo piano works published in the New Liszt Complete Critical Edition. The four volumes that renewed thus provide not only authentic texts of the…

Liszt Separate Editions

New Publications 2014

In 2014 we started renewing the separate editions of solo piano works published in the New Liszt Complete Critical Edition. The four volumes that renewed thus provide not only authentic texts of the…
Discover the new publications of Editio Musica Budapest: piano pieces to practise polyphony, a new volume of the New Liszt Edition, several chamber music works, even for optional combination of…

Ad libitum

Band Music Catalogue 2014

The volumes in this new series contain duos, trios and quartets, their degree of difficulty ranging from easy through intermediate to advanced. Every piece is a transcription or an arrangement, since…
Many types of band music exist: original pieces, classical and pop music transcriptions, marches and works composed for youth, amateur and professional bands. When we introduced our Concert Band…

Kamarazenei kottakatalógus zeneiskolásoknak

Chamber Music Highlights Catalogue

Chamber Music Highlights catalogue in Hungarian. (English version is Z.80155)
This catalogue lists EMB's main chamber music series, to make it easier for musicians and teachers to choose suitable scores. There is a rich variety of genres and formations of different…

Egyházzenei kottakatalógus 2012-2013

New Publications 2013

Our novelties featured in the catalogue is being exhibited at the Frankfurt Music Fair. This year we are paying special attention to chamber music publications, including the first volumes in the new…

Band Music Catalogue with CD

Musica da camera

The catalogue gives you a detailed description of the new concert band publications, including instrumentation, composer biography and program notes. The CD contains the full recording of the…
This brochure is for the series containing works composed or arranged for chamber ensembles of every kind (trios and quartets) for music schools.

Chamber Music Method for Strings

Leggiero Series

The volumes of Chamber Music Method for Strings gradually introduce those learning string instruments to the art of playing in a chamber ensemble, while providing a cross-section of chamber music for…
EMB's series for youth string orchestras, Leggiero, presents a selection of works by classical and contemporary composers, and easy arrangements of popular piano works. What facilitates its use for…


A barátságos zongoraiskola

Modelled on the popular Leggiero series, Leggierissimo was lauched by the publisher with the music schools' youngest string players in mind. In the very easy pieces for string orchestra in the new…
"În această şcoală pianistică nu veţi întâlni studii seci, ci e plină de mici capodopere şi plină de culori, ca o carte de poveşti! Studiul pianului trebuie să se bazeze de la bun început numai pe…

A barátságos zongoraiskola

New Publications 2012

Ágnes Lakos writes the following about her four-volume piano tutor, enlivened with cheerful illustrations by Christina Diederich: “A friendly piano tutor, without dry finger exercises, full of little…

New Liszt Edition - Updated catalogue 2011

Kottakatalógus 2012-2013

The catalogue of the New Liszt Complete Edition lists the entire and definitive content of Series I and II of the piano works, published between 1970 and 2005, together with that of the series of…
Music catalogue in Hungarian.

New Publications 2011

New Publications 2010

New Publications 2009

New Choral Works 2008

New Choral Works 2006

Catalogue to the Series Leggiero and Leggierissimo with DEMO CD

Series Leggiero and Leggierissmo - growing repertoire for children's and youth string orchestras. This catalogue contains the detailed contents of all volumes of both series, and an audio CD with 43…