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Bartók in Vatican

26. April 2022

We are pleased that our scores are chosen as protocol gifts.

Among others a volume of the Bartók Complete Edition has been gifted to Pope Francis by the Hungarian prime minister. The volume – published jointly by our company, and Henle Verlag, Munich – contains the Concerto for orchestra, composed during the World War II in the USA. Viktor Orbán visited Vatican City on 21st April 2022. “No one understands us in our language, so music is our only option” – stated the head of government.

The launch of the Bartók Complete Edition was announced in 2015 by our publishing house. The complete works will be published in 48 volumes according to the plan. The publications are being prepared according to the highest scientific norms, however the body text can be used by musicians also for practical purpose.

Credit: www.vaticannews.va

The Microcosm of String Ensemble Music: now available, in four volumes

24. März 2022

A series of transcriptions for strings of pieces from Bartók’s piano cycle Mikrokosmos is now available. This four-volume publication features transcriptions for various string ensembles from beginners’ to professional level, and can be used in a variety of situations:

  • chamber ensembles in music schools (three violins and one cello, string quartet);
  • school orchestras (children’s string orchestras, youth string orchestras);
  • amateur ensembles (string quartets, string quintets, string orchestras);
  • professional ensembles (string quartets, string quintets, string orchestras).

The Virtuosos V4+ classical music television show is sponsored by our publishing house

19. November 2021

Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó music publishing house supports the Virtuosos V4+ classical music talent competition television show with printed music publications of great value.

Not only the weekly favourites of the audience, but also their music teachers will be rewarded by our company.

Please watch the introductory video made for this occasion.

Supplementary Volume 16 of the New Liszt Edition

22. Juni 2021

Supplementary Volume 16 of the New Liszt Edition contains free arrangements and technical exercises. This latest volume of the New Liszt Edition includes a detailed preface in German, English, and Hungarian containing new research findings, together with five manuscript facsimiles and critical notes.

Simultaneously with the cloth-bound Complete Edition, a practical paperback version has been published, the contents of which are identical to those of the hardcover edition, minus the inclusion of critical notes.

New Urtext edition of Bartók’s complete choral works

11. März 2021

A new Urtext edition of Béla Bartók’s complete choral works was launched in March 2021. The three-volume edition is based on volume 9 of the Béla Bartók Complete Critical Edition (Z. 15009), a joint publication of G. Henle Verlag, Munich, and Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó. The lyrics in this edition are in the original languages and in the translations authorized by the composer. Literal English translations are provided in the appendix, which also includes early and alternative versions of the works.

Our edition is distinguished by absolute authenticity regarding both the musical text and the style of notation, as well as superior engraving and print quality. The edition is complete with informative prefaces (in Hungarian, English, and German) and detailed Editorial Comments (in Hungarian and English). The Comments give an overview of the textual, folk-music, and compositional sources, and provide detailed information on the performance practice of Bartók’s choral works.

The volumes have been printed on high-quality and environmentally-friendly paper.

The three volumes are available in two formats: paperback and clothbound. The paperback editions can be bought separately, while the clothbound volumes are available only together in a slipcase.

Each work included in these volumes will also be published separately during the following months.

New orchestra material of Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra released

22. Februar 2021

A new orchestra material of Béla Bartók’s orchestral highlight, Concerto for Orchestra, composed in 1943 in the United States, is now available on hire. Concerto for Orchestra is the first orchestra material produced from the Béla Bartók Complete Critical Edition (BBCCE), a joint publication of G. Henle Verlag, Munich, and Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó. (The full score in the BBCCE and Henle’s study score are also available on sale.)

In preparing this edition, the first edition, all compositional sources as well as the sound recordings made in Bartók’s lifetime have been critically evaluated. The orchestra parts were carefully prepared in terms of accuracy, easy legibility, as well as sensible cues and page turns. The parts have been tested by the Hungarian National Philharmonic, a leading orchestra with a unique experience in playing Bartók. The conductor’s score and the parts share the same big format (25×32.5 cm), and are printed on superior-quality paper.

One set includes two conductor’s scores, 9-8-7-6-5 strings, 4 copies of percussion, and one copy of each of the remaining parts. The material is available on hire at Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest Ltd.

70 Years, 70 Scores

1. Juli 2020

Seventy years ago, the Hungarian State Music Publisher first opened its doors for business. In honor of this momentous anniversary, starting on July 1st and for the 70 days thereafter we will be sharing a different publication on our Facebook page - one to honor each year of publishing since 1950.

Please join us on this nostalgic trip back in time!

Virtual Musikmesse Publication Display

6. April 2020

Due to the many travel restrictions that are currently in place, Musikmesse Frankfurt 2020 has been canceled. As a result, we will not have the opportunity to present our newest publications in person as we normally would.

While this is unfortunate, worry not! We are working in close cooperation with our network of partners and music shop owners to make our new releases available to you as quickly and easily as possible.

As always, check here for the latest updates on our most recent publications - think of it as our virtual exhibition booth.

We will continue servicing all orders and doing all that we can to put great scores in your hands.

Wir geben die Herausgabe der gemischten Chöre von Zoltán Kodály bekannt

14. Dezember 2018

Editio Musica Budapest ist stolz die erweiterte und überarbeitete Ausgabe von Zoltán Kodálys Chorwerken für gemischten Chor ankündigen zu dürfen.

75 Jahre nach der ersten Herausgabe ist die Zeit reif dafür geworden Kodálys gesammelte Chorwerke für gemischten Chor in einer gänzlich neuen, erweiterten Ausgabe herauszugeben. Diese Sammlung enthält sechs, in den bisherigen Ausgaben noch nicht veröffentlichten Kompositionen. Es ist in einem etwas größeren Format gedruckt, als die bisherigen und es ist sowohl als Hardcover, als auch als Softcover zur praktischen Verwendung erhältlich. Bibliotheken, Sammlern und Kodály-Enthusiasten empfehlen wir die Ausgabe mit Leinenbezug aus vollem Herzen.

Dies ist die bisher vollständigste und authentischste Sammlung Kodálys gemischter Chöre und sie beinhaltet neue leicht lesbare Notentexte und ein informatives Nachwort von Péter Erdei.

Mehr über die Veröffentlichungen erfahren Sie hier


20. September 2017

Universal Music Publishing Group is pleased to announce that the printed music publishing and distribution business of its Hungarian affiliate Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó Kft. has been transferred to a new entity, Editio Musica Budapest Zeneműkiadó Kft. EMBZ will be owned and managed by a group led by UMPEMB Director of Printed Music László Sigrai. Long-time UMPEMB Managing Director Antal Boronkay will also participate in the direction of EMBZ.

EMBZ will distribute all existing UMPEMB printed music products, and will work closely with UMPEMB to continue to develop new high-quality printed music products in both physical and digital form for the educational and performance markets. EMBZ will also continue to distribute sheet music products of other publishers.

For information, please contact:

For EMBZ: László Sigrai, sigrai­@­emb.hu, www.emb.hu

For UMPG: Tünde Szitha, szitha­@­emb.hu, www.umpemb.com

24. März 2015

Embrace music – oder: Mache die Musik zum Teil deines Lebens! Diese Losung haben wir uns in diesem Jahr auf unsere Fahnen geschrieben.

Egal wo wir heutzutage auch sind, überall sind wir von Musik umgeben. Viel intensiver und permanenter als seit Menschengedenken auf unsere Ahnen je zuvor wirken musikalische Reize auf uns ein. Aber was für ein Verhältnis haben wir zur Musik? Ein passives oder ein aktives? Konsumieren wir sie nur oder machen wir auch welche?

Wir bei EMB wissen, dass das Musizieren Freude bereitet. Eine Freude, die sich vervielfacht, wenn wir für andere spielen. Indem wir gute Musik machen, gelangen wir darüber hinaus auch in den Besitz ganz besonderer Fähigkeiten und Werte: Konzentration, Offenheit, Sensibilität, Rücksichtnahme auf andere und Zusammenarbeit.

Mit unseren Publikationen verfolgen wir das Ziel, möglichst vielen Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen zu helfen, die Freude am Musizieren und dessen Wert zu erfahren. 


10. Mai 2010
Wir freuen uns über Ihren Besuch und begrüßen Sie herzlich!

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